A farm-ready, nature-friendly bird-scaring drone!

Got a problem with pest birds in your crops, vineyards or orchards? We’ve got the solution!

The M600 Scarecrow is a revolutionary new drone (UAV) that’s farm tough but can take care of your bird problems with ease. Custom-built in Australia the Scarecrow is based on the tried and trusted DJI M600 heavy-lift hexacopter drone, fitted with a BirdGard bird control system that’s designed to repel most pest species including starlings, crows and silvereyes as well as rosellas, parrots and cockatoos, but doing no actual harm to the birds themselves.

The M600 hexacopter is part of DJI’s rugged commercial fleet of drones and is designed for single-operator use.  When not being used, it folds down neatly for storage and does not take up a lot of space. Because the propellers don’t need to be removed, it can be unpacked and ready to fly in a matter of minutes. Its 5.5kg heavy lifting capacity also means when you don’t need to use it as a bird scarer, you can attach a seed spreader or NDVI camera and use it for crop seeding and crop health checking.

Because the M600 has an FPV camera built-in and uses DJI’s revolutionary Lightbridge video transmission system, you can always see what the Scarecrow is seeing, including where the birds are nesting and feeding.

The M600 is fully GPS controlled so it’s very easy to fly and comes right back to you when you’re finished. It will even return home and land on its own if the battery gets low.

Flight planning and flight management are easy using the DJI Go app for Android or Apple devices. This app gives you full live view of the drone’s camera and control over all aspects of its flight from your tablet device.

If you want to use the M600 Scarecrow all day long, we can even supply a heavy-duty multicharger and multiple M600 flight batteries so you’ll be recharging batteries while the Scarecrow is flying.

If you’re flying the M600 Scarecrow on your own farm, you will not need any special licenses or permits. Training is available if required.

For more information about the DJI Scarecrow including costs, please complete the enquiry form below.

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