Drones are fast becoming a core part of farm management, but you need the right drone to do the job. Don’t settle for something that just takes pretty pictures or “false NDVI” of your fields.

The Sentera Phantom 4 Scout is the real deal, with all the great features of DJI’s flagship drone plus a serious Near Infrared (NIR) sensor to map the health of your crops in near real time.

You don’t need a pilot’s licence to fly it. In fact, if you can drive an iPad or Android tablet, you can be flying and using the Sentera Phantom 4 Scout within hours, and getting real results.

The rear-mounted Sentera NIR sensor captures reflectance from your crops. Health plants reflect most of the NIR light they absorb, while less healthy plans reflect less. It’s that simple.

Sentera’s AgVault Pro software runs on any tablet device and in your desktop browser. Its “QuickTile NDVI” feature allows you to see the health of your crop in seconds, while you’re still in the field.

It’s not pretty (in fact it’s a bit ugly in my opinion) but it’s results that count and this quick and dirty NDVI map will instantly point you to issues in your field that need further investigation.

When you get back to base, you can upload the complete image set to AgVault Pro and get full NDVI and RGB maps of your field to ponder when you have time and share with your agronomist at the click of a link.

Based on a flight of 10-20 minutes and a couple of minutes on the laptop at the edge of the field, you can see if you have stressors impacting your crop including water stress, weed pressures, insect pressures, nutrient issues and more. This knowledge will save you money and help you produce better crops.

And because the sensor is mounted on the world-famous DJI Phantom 4 drone, you can use it to capture amazing photos and videos, find your cows or map your farm.

Queensland Drones provides a complete NDVI drone package, ready to fly and with optional on-farm training to get you up and running right away.

Your Sentera Phantom 4 Scout package comes with the DJI Phantom 4 UAV, the compact Sentera NIR sensor, three batteries, a triple-charger, two sets of propellors and a farm-tough travel case so you can throw it in the back of the ute without hurting it. The package also comes with 30 days unlimited use of the Sentera AgVault Pro processing platform, which you can continue to use for just $45 per month.


DJI INSPIRE 1Sentera Inspire 1 package
  • Fly in stronger winds
  • Sentera single NIR sensor
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 tablet controller
  • Rugged aluminium hard case
  • Spare set of propellers
  • 2 spare DJI batteries
  • AgVault mapping app for iOS
  • 30-day trial of Agvault Cloud
  • Full day of on-site training
  • Australian telephone support
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  • DJI engineering quality

    The DJI Phantom 3 or 4 UAV is the standard by which all other drones are judged. With more than 100,000 in use across the world, it’s obvious why we chose this as the base for our Sentera Scout UAV. Choose from the economical Phantom 3 Advanced (available while stocks last) or the obstacle-avoiding Phantom 4 with rear mounted sensor.

  • Fly like a professional

    Integrated tablet-based software makes flight planning a breeze, just define the corners of your field on the map and click “fly” … the software takes care of the rest. Auto take-off, auto grid mapping, auto-landing. So simple!

  • Real results in minutes

    In-field processing software for fast flight, fast stitch and fast “quick NDVI” imaging so you can see results while you’re still in the field. Or upload your images to the cloud for private, high quality NDVI image processing.

  • On-site training and support

    The Sentera Scout UAV comes with a full day of on-site training by a certified UAV pilot who will show you all the safety routines, how to maintain and service your UAV, how to set up and fly crop scouting missions, how to process NDVI imaging in the field or in the cloud, and how to get more help when ever you need it.

  • Fully tax-deductible

    Let the tax man fund one third or more of your investment in this outstanding technology. Most growers will be able to use the small business instant asset threshold to deduct the full cost of the Sentera Scout UAV package if purchased before 30 June 2018.

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