At Queensland Drones we know there’s no one aerial imagery solution that works for every farm or every situation. Far from it. It’s not the ability to be able to fly the drone across your fields that makes the difference, it’s the power of the analysis tools and the experience of the people behind the analysis who can get the most out of the imagery and provide data that informs real-time management decisions that makes all the difference.

The following slideshow might help you to better understand where NDVI technology can make a difference to your farm.

This is real-time data you can use to maximise your crop yields.

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Other case study examples


This NDVI image shows a wheat field where a farmer was aware he had aphids in his wheat crop but was not sure how bad the infestation was. After off-site processing it was possible to determine that about 34 acres out of 160 were infested with aphids. This was about two weeks before harvesting, so it allowed the owner to make a management decision about treating the aphids, and whether to do just part of the field or the whole field.


This is another interesting situation where a soy bean farmer had sown his new crop and was finding what he believed to be tile drainage that had been laid in the field before he took over the farm, but he was uncertain about how this was impacting his new crop or exactly where. This imagery was taken a day after heavy rain and the arrows point to the tile lines in the field. With the geo-referenced data from these maps he is able to go straight to the tiles and decide what to do about them.


In this image we see a corn field that has three different issues requiring management decisions. The black arrow nearer the bottom is a sandy area of the field which cannot produce as good a quality of corn as other parts of the field. The purple arrow in the middle is pointing to a part of the field where the side dress bar did not lay down enough nitrogen for one reason or another (maybe the tank ran out there).  The blue arrow near the top right of the image shows where a few years ago the farmer cleaned his sprayer booms on the edge of the field and the crop is still stressed in that area even now.

We’re not in the business of telling you how to fix these problems – that’s your agronomist’s job – but we can tell you precisely where they are and how serious they are.


In this image from a corn field, you might notice the odd diagonal lines running across the field from corner to corner.  This was caused by a combine harvester the previous season that malfunctioned and was not throwing the rubbish out the back correctly. Because of all that additional organic matter laying around in the soil, the germination of the next crop was not as good. There was not a lot that could be done to improve this particular crop but the farmer was able to get the combine fixed so it didn’t happen again.


This final image shows a field where two different varieties of potatoes have been sown to see which one does best in the soil conditions. You can see the two varieties are separated roughly in the middle of the field. The second variety of potato appeared to be a good option because it has a longer shelf life, but after it was planted the farmer could see that the new variety grew well in the good parts of the field, but stressed much more than the usual variety in a poorer parts of the field. This imagery will help the grower to work out the best parts of the field for each variety in the next growing season to maximise crop yield.

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Queensland Drones is your eye in the sky, providing actional insights and data when you need it most, including:

  • Geo-referenced NDVI spectral imaging and HD colour imagery of your crops and paddocks (any size)
  • Rapid identification and isolation of crop and plant stress with prescriptions for precision treatment
  • Location and identification of invasive crop diseases, weeds and pests
  • Variable rate prescription maps to reduce herbicide and fertiliser use
  • Rapid identification and high resolution photography to detect and prove weather-related damage
  • Monitoring of on-farm infrastructure including dams, irrigation systems, fences and more
  • Fast location of livestock, monitoring of feedlots and pastures
  • Supply, maintenance and training for AgEagle UAV systems on your own farm

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