Bellbowrie Pool aerial panorama

What appears to be an aerial photo is actually a 3D model that can be viewed from any angle

Queensland Drones can provide a fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective way to gather the data and images you need to manage your construction or development project. Compared to ground-based LIDAR imaging, aerial mapping can be 4-5 times faster. Compared to using conventional aerial photography, aerial mapping using drones is typically up to 90% cheaper.

Some of the typical applications for aerial mapping using drones include:

  • Surveying and mapping prior to commencement of construction
  • Identifying terrain and topographical features
  • Creating mesh maps of existing buildings and structures
  • Volumetric measurement of cut and fill areas
  • Mapping and analysis of vegetation on site and surrounding the site
  • Surveying and mapping after earthquakes, flooding and other disasters
  • Mapping of archeological and historical sites
  • Record of construction and development over time

Architects, engineers, developers, surveyors and builders are increasingly turning to aerial drone surveys because they can vastly reduce both the time and cost of collecting accurate high-resolution data for large sites.

At Queensland Drone Photography we are on the leading edge of UAV aerial mapping technologies, employing both quadcopter drones and high-speed fixed wing drones for maximum coverage and flexibility.

This basic 3D Model of sports facilities in Bellbowrie was from just 18 images shot looking down on the facilities.

Aerial mapping using UAVs is a revolution because the aerial inputs can be gathered in around 15 minutes per acre of land, without hiring expensive helicopters or light aircraft. Even large tracts of land are manageable with UAV mapping – for example, mapping inputs for 100 acres of land can be completed in less than one hour.

Aerial mapping has a wide range of outputs depending on your particular needs and applications.

Contoured elevation map of a development site

Area mapping and measurement of a construction development site

Fill volume required to level an area for construction

High resolution aerial image overlaid onto a Google satellite map

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