What we do with drones

Welcome to Queensland Drones. We are an advanced aerial survey and aerial photography business located in South East Queensland, flying both fixed wing and multicopter UAVs (drones) for commercial, industrial, government, civic and agricultural projects. Our UAVs carry a variety of cameras and sensors to capture still photographs, videos and other data which we can turn into high quality aerial photos, high definition aerial videos, orthomosaic maps, topographical and elevation maps, vegetation and crop health survey maps, 3D models, volume measurements, area measurements and much more. Our aerial services will help you to do more with less money.

We are based in the western suburbs of Brisbane but we are not constrained by our location. We are regularly providing aerial imaging services throughout Queensland and New South Wales and we are available to travel to locations in other States or overseas by negotiation. Our equipment is highly portable and easily relocated to your site and our personnel are experienced in working with and through commercial photographers, video producers, engineers, architects, agronomists, crop consultants and other professionals. We operate a full job safety assessment (JSA) model to ensure site safety and we operate within your site safety requirements at all times.

Aerial photography and aerial video

Bellbowrie Pool aerial panorama

Bellbowrie Swimming Pool panorama created using aerial 3D mapping images

Queensland Drones is a fully CASA certified and fully insured provider of high quality aerial photos and high definition aerial videos.

Check out our Year in Review video compilation above to see what kind of videos we capture. We use sophisticated, business grade UAVs to capture the best quality aerial photos and cinematic quality aerial video footage for all kinds of applications including:

  • Television and documentaries
  • Rural and coastal real estate
  • Commercial and civic promotions
  • 360 degree aerial panoramas
  • Golf course preview videos

Find out more about our aerial photography and aerial video services.

Farm infrastructure and crop health surveys

Queensland Drones works closely with growers, agronomists, crop consultants, rural suppliers and researchers to develop next generation methods for precision agriculture using drones. We provide on-farm surveys using both RGB (normal colour) and NIR (near infrared) imaging to develop large scale orthomosaic, NDVI, digital elevation maps and more to:

  • Map farm infrastructure (dams, fences, gates, paddocks, roads)
  • Map farm elevations and topographic features
  • Find areas of crops showing signs of stress
  • Identify areas of interest for ground-truthing
  • Determine crop height and crop growth
  • Calculate crop health using NDVI mapping
  • Create prescription maps for GPS applicators
  • Identify insect and weed invasions into crops
  • Identify weed patterns in fallow paddocks
  • Count livestock and animals
  • Time series data leading to predictive analysis

Find out more about our on-farm agricultural crop survey services.

Other aerial survey and imaging services

  • Environment and vegetation surveys
  • Proof of damage for insurance claims
  • Construction and development site surveys and photography
  • Rural and acreage real estate photography
  • Aerial mapping (orthographic and topographic)
  • Aerial 3D and digital elevation models
  • Asset and infrastructure inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Emergency response and assessment
  • Disaster recovery and assessment
  • Search and rescue
  • Disaster zone mapping
  • Monitoring stock theft and poaching

We’re continuously researching and testing new and innovative uses for UAV aerial photography and video technologies and we’re very interested to hear what you think it can be used for. Please contact Queensland Drone Photography at [email protected] or phone Tony on 0439 383202.

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