Launch of the Ag Eagle in SE Qld

Qld Drone Photography and Falcon UAV joined forces again this week for the official launch of the Ag Eagle precision agricultural drone to the horticulture sector in the Lockyer Valley with an on-farm demonstration at Greg Lerch’s broccoli farm in North Laidley.

Channel 9’s WIN TV News from Toowoomba came along to cover the launch and this is what they had to say including an interview with Qld Drone Photography General Manager, Tony Gilbert, Grocom Project Officer Ro Beveridge and farmer Greg Lerch.

Channel 7 News Toowoomba also covered the launch of the Ag Eagle in Laidley including interviews with Falcon UAV General Manager, Phil Lyons, and with Mr Lerch.

The launch of the Ag Eagle precision farming UAV was well received by growers, agronomists, grower representatives and the media, who all recognised its amazing potential to increase crop yields and reduce farm operating costs in a market which becomes tougher to operate in every year. With farm surveys from as little as $300, the service has been universally recognised as very affordable for any farm operator.

The Ag Eagle UAV has been used extensively in broadacre, sugar cane and nut farms in central Queensland, NSW and Victoria but this is the first time it has been used to survey horticultural farms in South East Queensland.

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