ROI for NDVI-based side-dressing in corn crops

Queensland Drones has been actively working with growers across a variety of crops since for more than two years to show the benefits of using NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index) mapping to determine the optimal application of fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and other crop inputs. Although we almost always see some level of crop stress in our NDVI maps, it’s sometimes … Read More

How accurate are drone mapping surveys?

Drones are being used more and more to provide maps to support construction, development, mining, agricultural and other commercial activities. Queensland Drones has been providing aerial mapping services for over two years now, so it seems like a good time to discuss their sources, accuracy and reliability. First, let’s be clear about what drone maps are not … they are … Read More

Soil conductivity mapping key to understanding variability

Variability in soil types across a field can be one of the biggest factors in variability of crop yield. Soil salinity, texture, water content and the soil’s ability to hold and use vital nutrients all contribute to crop variability across a field. Now growers can develop accurate maps of soil characteristics across a field, or across an entire farm, thanks … Read More

Drones and Privacy – Your Rights

Drones and privacy

As a busy commercial drone operator, I am often asked about peoples’ right to privacy when drones are flying around them, and it is even, on occasion, suggested that I am invading someone’s privacy by flying a drone near them. So I’d like to clarify your right to privacy in relation to drone operators. First of all, let me explain … Read More

So you wanna be a drone pilot?

Learning to fly DJI Phantom 3

The naked truth about the commercial UAV business About once a week I get someone calling me wanting to know how to get into the drone business. 18 months since we first put the building blocks in place for Queensland Drones, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on our journey so far and provide some insights for … Read More

One in three farmers are using drones

Are you still sitting on the fence wondering if drones are going to be useful on your farm? You might well risk being left behind. A new Pulse survey by the US Farm Journal magazine has discovered that 33% of all US farmers are using, or are planning to use, drones to help manage their crops this year. The Pulse … Read More

Using NDVI to help manage a golf course

NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) is nothing new in agriculture and has been widely used to detect crop health issues for many years. The idea of using NDVI imaging to manage turf health issues in golf courses is pretty new, although it is closely aligned with NDVI using in managing turf farms. As with the adoption of NDVI imaging in … Read More

Macadamia growers’ case study 2017

Queensland Drones is currently working with Growcom’s Hort360 project team to identify critical correlations between sub-soil conditions, soil drainage and erosion, and tree health in macadamia orchards on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. So far we’ve worked with eight growers over a total of almost 500 acres of prime macadamia orchards across the hinterland region. There are still opportunities for other growers and growers … Read More

3D draining and erosion management workshop

Join Queensland Drones and Growcom’s Hort360 staff for an information session this month on taking your property planning to the next level. DATE: Tuesday 22 November 2016 TIME: 9:30 – 11:30am, followed by BBQ lunch LOCATION: Cameron & Mary Lister’s Farm. Access via Old Gympie Rd, Glasshouse Mountains between Sahara Rd & Fullertons Rd. Look for the Hort360 signs. COST: … Read More

DJI drones for farmers

For some time now I’ve been watching uneasily as DJI Phantom quadcopters are increasingly marketed to farmers as agricultural survey tools. With the greatest of respect to some of the people who are selling these drones, mostly with good intentions, I feel they might be doing more harm than good. We fly the DJI Phantom 3 Professional in our business operation … Read More