Queensland Drones is a CASA certified, fully insured and professional operator of fixed wing and multicopter UAVs (RPAS or drones). We deliver precision agriculture surveys, infrastructure surveys, commercial and industrial aerial photography and aerial mapping services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim, Southern Downs, Darling Downs and Western Downs regions.Tony Gilbert, CEO and Chief Pilot

High resolution photography from amazing places and perspectives

Queensland Drones operates the latest UAV photography and video platforms to bring you crisp, high definition photography and ultra high resolution cinematic video from places you’ve never been able to get to before. Our 20 MP photographs and 4K video at up to 60 FPS will blow you away!

We are CASA-certified with full public liability insurance and operate a job safety management system to protect you and those around you.  We have the skills and experience to turn your aerial photos and videos into something truly special. Our rates are very affordable and our prices are fixed. Don’t take risks with unlicensed operators.

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Agricultural surveys using drones in Queensland

Queensland Drones can help reduce farm input costs and increase crop yields by informing your decisions with precision agriculture surveys and crop health imaging. We can help you identify crop stress and plant health issues well before they become visible to the naked eye. We can work with your agronomist or crop consultant to develop variable rate fertiliser and insecticide/herbicide prescription maps that will save on input costs.

We’re working closely with Growcom’s Hort360 project to supercharge your EM38 soil analysis profiles with NDVI crop health imaging so you can see how well your soil management strategies are translating into better crops.

Watch the video where Sunshine Coast grower John Allen explains the benefits of overlaying EM and NDVI, then give us a call on 0439 383202 or send us an email at [email protected] to find out how you can be part of this ground-breaking precision agriculture service.

We can provide remote inspections of your critical infrastructure including fences, roads, dams and sheds, ensuring you are able to spend more time on activities that make you money. We can also provide photographic evidence for crop insurance, yield estimates for forward crop sales and damage assessment evidence for crop insurance claims.

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Golf course turf surveys

3D models and orthomosaic maps can help visual large area for design or assessment

Queensland Drones can create amazing 3D models of your property or development, contour maps of your land and surrounding terrain to manage water runoff and drainage, orthographic maps, volumetric estimates, area and linear measurements and much more to save you time and money on your developments and to impress your investors and supporters.

For golf course operators we can provide your members and guests with detailed, geo-tagged, app-based fairway and green maps and video previews they can carry on their phones and tablet computers. No more paper maps and your members will love you for it. At the same time, we can produce detail vegetation health and weed mapping for your fairways and greens to help you better manage playing surfaces.

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Orthomosaic infrastructure map of a dairy farm

Infrastructure maps and orthomosaic aerial photos help manage and promote your rural property

Queensland Drones can produce high resolution orthomosaic infrastructure maps of your acreage or rural property to help you manage your farm assets and promote your farm or acreage property to prospective buyers. We have produced integrated high definition infrastructure maps of properties up to 1000 acres and we believe we can go much higher than that too. The quality of these images is so high you can zoom in and see individual features like gates, fences and water troughs.

At the same time, we can produce detailed vegetation and weed mapping and maps showing the health of your crops or pastures, to help you better manage your farm. We work closely with your existing agronomist to ground-truth and prove our findings, or we can bring in expert agronomy resources to better analyse and diagnose the issues on your property.

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Environmental monitoring with drones in Queensland

See wetlands and hiking trails, pest invasions and illegal activity in amazing detail

Queensland Drones offers precision environmental monitoring and management services using our high definition still image and aerial video capabilities. Our still photos are captured with detailed geographic coordinates so you can instantly locate any issues requiring attention on your mapping system or on Google Maps.

Aerial surveys of protected wetlands and environmental assets are a cost-effective and very productive method of managing the demands of large conservation areas.

Our fixed wing UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) cover large areas in a short time, bringing back high definition photos that can be stitched into detailed orthomosaic photos, elevation maps, contour maps and more.

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Disaster management using drones in Queensland

Our UAVs can quickly and effectively assess damage from minor and major disaster events

Queensland Drones can provide rapid access to aerial photographs and video footage in the hours and days following a disaster event. We can use our drones to access areas that are isolated by water, road closures or other obstacles and quick assess the damage to propert

What used to take weeks can now be done in days, or even hours. And safety is vastly improved as disaster personnel don’t need to be taking unnecessary risks to enter unsafe areas and assess damage impacts. With CASA BVLOS permissions, we can send our aircraft up to 25 km into a disaster zone.

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Orthophotos can be converted to 3D models that can be viewed from any angle or distance

Queensland Drones can show you many other ways to use UAVs (drones) to improve your business operations, management effectiveness and marketing. We combine the best business grade UAVs with the most effective sensors and processing tools to create highly effective promotional tools and decision-making data for a broad variety of business uses.

Our UAV imagery can help, for example, to identify anomolies in critical infrastructure like wind turbines, cellular towers, radio antennas, dam walls and water channels, to name just a few.

We can provide rapid volumetric assessments of almost any kind of stockpile including mine tailings, aggregates, soil, mulch, timber and ground features identified for removal or in-fill.

We can develop high resolution 3D mesh models of buildings, bridges, elevated roadways, houses, apartment buildings, towers, even statues, that can be imported into CAD design packages and used for re-design work.

We can inspect critical assets in places where people can’t go, or where it may be too expensive or dangerous to inspect using traditional methods. Our very high resolution photos can identify even the smallest cracks or structural defects.

For insurance claims, we can provide rapid evidence of storm, flood, hail or flood damage to vehicles, buildings, crops or any other business asset.

To find out more about our services to to ask us about the viability of your idea for using drones in your business, contact us through this website, send us an email, or call us on 0439 383202.

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